One of the services provided by Super City Star to its customers is the return or replacement of goods through its own specific policies.

  1. The return or replacement of goods can be made within 10 days from the date of purchase, provided that the item is in appropriate condition and the price tag and label are attached to the item so that it can be sold to another customer.
  2. Regarding the exchange of all types of clothing, the item must be in its original condition, unused, and the price tag and label must be attached to the item. The item should be in a condition that allows it to be displayed and resold.
  3. Purchase receipts are essential documents to ensure the customer’s rights. Without receipts, the consumer’s rights cannot be verified, and the customer must provide the employee handling the return or replacement with their full name and phone number.
  4. As an additional service for the customer, in case of the absence or loss of the receipt, the customer must visit the service department and provide them with all the relevant information about the time of purchase. They will then reprint the purchase receipt. It is important that the information provided is accurate to enable the employee to provide the service.
  5. If the item has manufacturing or stitching defects, and the customer intends to return it, it is permissible to return it within 36 working hours.
  6. The customer cannot return the goods obtained through a reward for purchasing another item because this item has already been compensated for.
  7. The goods that cannot be returned or replaced are:

  • Underwear and swimwear.
  • Occasion wear and party dresses.
  • Gold and silver accessories.
  • Accessories of all kinds, such as necklaces, bracelets, and others.
  • Fresh and frozen food items after they have been taken out of the market.
  • Non-returnable skincare products, such as (deodorants, various creams, perfumes, etc…).
  • Prepaid phone cards or rechargeable phone cards.
  • Non-returnable Personal Grooming Essentials, such as (hair removal products, shaving materials, etc…), if opened by the customer.
  • Batteries, ink cartridges, memory cards, computer software, and computer games if opened.
  • Repaired goods and damaged or broken items.
  • Goods that have been used improperly due to a power surge or fluctuation.
  • Goods that do not include their accessories.

Any electrical item that has been tested by the department’s employee, sealed, and has no defects.